Garage Door

Types of Garage Doors

Purchasing a new garage door can add curb appeal and property value to your home. Modern Garage Doors are¬†energy-efficient and provide UV protection. You can also improve your property’s curb appeal by upgrading the garage door. An upgraded door can also reduce fire damage and fumes from exhausting in your garage. Consult a professional if you’re unsure which type of garage door will look best. Product pages often provide contact information for local garage door specialists.garage door

Residential overhead doors vary in size, design, and construction. Before buying a door, consider how much headroom your garage door will need. Most overhead doors require at least 12 inches of headroom for safe operation. However, many openers require an additional 3 inches of headroom. Backroom should be equal to the door height plus 18 inches or more, depending on how it’s installed. A properly installed door can increase the value of your property.

Most new garage doors are made of steel, and are backed by rigid foam insulation. The strongest doors are composed of 24 ga. steel panels. For maximum rust protection, you should opt for a steel door with a polyester topcoat and baked-on primer. If you’re considering purchasing a steel door, you should be aware of its limited warranty coverage. When shopping for a new garage door, make sure to consider the R-value of the material.

The most common type of garage door is the overhead one. These garage doors are a combination of panels held together by hinges. Rolling wheels in these doors are designed to move up and down the track. These doors also have weather strips on their bottom. A metal track secures the door to the garage wall, and supports the weight of the door. Different types of garage doors can be operated manually or with an electronic door opener. They may sit parallel to the ceiling or walls.

The extension spring counterbalance system consists of steel springs that extend to the sides and bottom corners of the door. The cables are tied to the shaft through cable drums, which contract and unwind when the door is raised. This stored tension lifts the door by turning the shaft and cable drums. The springs are then wrapped around the grooves of the cable drums. These cables are attached to the shaft by two set screws. Depending on the height of the door, they may be adjusted or replaced.

Traditional up-and-over doors are another option. These are made of wood and operate like large french doors. When fully opened, they hang parallel to the ceiling, and are typically a classic design that matches any home. These types of doors require more clearance and take longer to open, so they’re not an ideal choice if you want a stylish, affordable solution. You can also find up-and-over doors in different designs, colors, and materials, making them an affordable and stylish solution for your home.

The size of your garage door is also important. Single doors typically measure between seven and eight feet in width, and double-door garage doors are typically ten to fourteen feet in height. You can even purchase oversized doors for your RV. You’ll need to check with your insurance company to make sure the door will fit properly and safely. It is important to remember that the width and height of your garage door can be determined by how many vehicles your home holds.

Regular maintenance is essential to the smooth functioning of your garage door. Torsion springs require lubrication every few months. You should oil torsion springs twice a year; extension springs don’t need oiling. The radius sections of the tracks should be lubricated every six months. In addition to cleaning the rollers, keep the exterior of your garage door clean so that corrosive substances cannot seep into your home.

When choosing a garage door material, consider whether your home’s climate is conducive to fiberglass or aluminum doors. Fiberglass garage doors mimic the grain of authentic wood, but are less prone to dents and cracks than steel and aluminum. Fiberglass doors are also relatively lightweight, requiring little maintenance compared to aluminum and steel doors. You’ll also enjoy the benefit of being able to choose the color and texture of your door, making it easy to customize your garage door to match your home’s decor.

A roller garage door is an excellent choice for homes where space is a premium. These doors require little maintenance once installed and rarely need replacement. The steel frame is built to withstand harsh weather. These doors are also insulated, making them quieter than other types of garage doors. If you’re concerned about noise, roll-up garage doors are great for homes with limited space. They don’t block access to the attic or roof. The roller garage door is a great choice for homeowners who don’t want to spend their money on a new garage door.